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TajAir is registered with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, India as a non-scheduled operator. Till date, TajAirís Falcon 2000 fleet has logged over 1 million nautical miles (over 2 million kms). In 2004-05, TajAir welcomed 2,903 distinguished passengers on board and flew nearly half a million nautical miles (just under 1 million kms).



TajAir is the only Indian air charter company to own and operate a state-of-the-art hangar and an exclusive passenger lounge in Mumbai. Also, TajAir is the only air charter company to manage the passenger and baggage screening area at Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai from an exclusive entrance; for all non-scheduled and private operators.

TajAir is the preferred choice for its worldwide coverage, highly personalized experience and luxury on board. Our clientele flies TajAir for marriages, anniversaries, pilgrimages and vacations to exotic destinations. Executives and businessmen fly TajAir to accompany international associates, esteemed clients, investors and visit sites. In a relatively short span of time, TajAir has become Indiaís leading executive jet service in its category.


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