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What is and what make its projects the most effective and economic marketing platforms for the industry? offers advertisers a unique opportunity to reach a targeted audience. General web-portals (either consumer or business to business) can deliver millions of ad impressions each day, but the percentages of qualified viewers are very low. Rather than trying to dominate a general website, narrow your focus to a targeted "niche" market is the easiest way to make profit on the Internet. Our target market includes travel and tourism, adventure sports, e-tourism and e-business and many others. 

Generic Traffic Catchers: Many of our Generic Domains employ site forwarding to MintValley web projects. For a good example of this technique in action in one of our tourism projects, try going to You will be redirected to '' web pages. The advantages of using this method will generate high traffic to a web site in a very short period of time. 

Internet Marketing (statistics and demographics) : Not only do we place our websites with the major search engines on the Internet, we also have reciprocal links with many other sites. We advertise frequently in national and international dailies & magazines. One of our key features of Marketing Strategy is arrange banner exchanges with many of our own group of sites. Banners direct, site visitors to various products and product groups on the web.

Our main advertising packages which are intended to provide comprehensive exposure to suppliers, marketers and service providers within the industry and for those seeking to enter a well-defined niche market.

Sponsorships has a number of very attractive sponsorship opportunities. Site sponsorship and category sponsorship are provided on a first come first served basis with options for exclusivity. Banner advertisements for sponsors will remain fixed according to the period of sponsorship. The banners will appear at the top and at the bottom of the particular website, giving you double exposure!! Special discounts are available to those sponsors who purchase multiple links. 

Contact us to arrange a sponsorship that will enhance your standing in the industry as well as effectively market your brand. 

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Our Career Centers are the premier places in the related industry to find the talent you need to grow your business. Target your advertising to a particular industry for example Hotel, Resort, Travel gear and accessories, Sun tan lotions and Cosmetics, Clothing Entertainment, Scuba Diving and Sea and Inland Water Transportation providers. This is where '' really proves more beneficial than Newspapers or other non-targeted advertising. 

One time posting, multiple postings and long term-sponsored subscriptions are also available. 

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